This blog started off as my homage to the humble Sinclair Spectrum, a computer that inspired a generation of programmers, and launched a thousand careers. It is a computer born of the 80s, which lives on in the hearts and minds of hundreds of enthusiasts today,  with emulators aplenty running on systems as diverse as mobile phones and PCs, and new hardware being built using current technology and *that* rubber keyboard.

It has now expanded to include all manner of retro-gaming technology with guides on programming in assembly language including libraries of useful software routines for the Spectrum and Spectrum Next, helpful tips on diagnosing problems with retro-computers from Acorns to ZX81s, and even a series on building a computer from scratch on breadboards.

You can usually find me over on BlueSky, less often these days on Twitter, and rarely on Mastodon, and I post occasional videos on my YouTube channel. My project files are over on GitHub, including ZX Spectrum and Next assembly language routines, the official AGON firmware, Pico-mposite, BBC BASIC for Z80 ported to a number of platforms, and build files for my BSX Z80 Homebrew computer.

And finally, I have a Ko-Fi account if you like what I’m doing and fancy making a small donation for the cause.