For more information on my current toolchain, read the page Z80 Development Toolchain

  • ZX Spin Spectrum Emulator version 0.666
    A great all-in-one emulator and assembler / debugger; very simple to set up and use, but no longer updated.
    A Z80 assembler for the PC; can save out TAP or TPZ files to load straight into your preferred Spectrum emulator.
  • Zeus Z80 Assembler
    Another emulator / assembler / debugger. Slightly more sophisticated than ZX Spin, but also no longer updated.
  • ZEsarUX Emulator
    The emulator I am currently using this as part of my toolchain on PC, Mac and Linux for developing and playing Spectrum games. It is regularly updated, and emulates many target machines including the ZX81, QL and Spectrum Next.
  • CSpect
    Another Spectrum/Next emulator I use. It runs on PC, Mac and Linux and is actively maintained. It requires the .Net or Mono framework to run.
  • SJAsmPlus
    A Z80 cross assembler for the PC and Mac. I use this to compile SNA files for ZEsarUX as part of my toolchain.
  • FreeBasic
    A free open-source BASIC compiler for Windows, DOS and Linux.

Android Apps

  • PlayZX
    A cool application that emulates a cassette player on your phone/tablet and lets you load games from World of Spectrum onto your hardware via the EAR socket.

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