The ZX Spectrum Next is the evolution of the ZX Spectrum series of computers. It has been updated for the 21st Century with sprites, high-resolution colour, hardware scrolling, multi-channel sound, turbo-modes and much more. The hardware is fully implemented using FPGA technology, so is compatible with all ZX Spectrum software and hardware.

It also looks the part, with a gorgeous case and keyboard designed by the legend Rick Dickinson, who was the man behind the designs of the Sinclair range of computers from the ZX81 to the QL.

As the hardware is implemented in FPGA, it can also take on the identity of other systems, with cores available for the BBC, Amstrad CPC, MSX1 and QL, with more being developed by the retro community.

The Next was originally available only on Kickstarter, and over 3,000 units were delivered this year. And there is a second kickstarter underway, with over 3,600 units pledged to date.