You are free to use this code under the terms of this MIT license


The latest code can be found here:


Demo code can be found in the repository. Full details can be found here.

Spectrum Code Libraries

  • gui.z80 – routines for drawing simple UIs (work in progress)
  • keyboard.z80 – keyboard reading routines
  • macros.z80 – some useful macros to simplify assembly in sjasmplus
  • math.z80 – math routines (work in progress)
  • output.z80 – screen output routines
  • score.z80 – BCD score routines (work in progress)
  • screen_buffer.z80 – fast offscreen buffer routine – uses stack techniques for speed
  • scroll.z80 – fast tiled scrolling routine – uses stack techniques for speed
  • scroll_attr.z80 – colour overlay for scroll.asm
  • sound.z80 – beeper sound routine I used in my first game
  • sprite.z80 – very basic sprite routine (depreciated)
  • sprite_masked.z80 – sprite routine with masking and sorting
  • vector.z80 – fast vector graphics routines (plot, line, circle)
  • vector_filled.z80 – filled and textured vector graphics routines (triangle, circle)