You are free to use this code without limitation in your own code. All I ask is that you mention me and link back to this site if you find this code useful. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

To see these demos run in a Java emulator in your browser, please go here. You can download the source code in a ZIP file ready to download:

To compile these demos, place in the following directory structure:

Compile the relevant demo from the Demo directory; the demo will then include required library files from the LIB directory.

Compilation Instructions

  1. Install and run ZX Spin 0.666
  2. Unzip the source demo code into a directory of your choice
  3. From the Emulator menu, select Tools -> Z80 Assembler
  4. From the Assembler menu:
    1. Select File -> Open and open main.asm
    2. Select File -> Assemble
    3. On the Assemble dialog:
      1. Check Assemble From = Current File
      2. Check Memory Start Page = MAIN
      3. Click OK
  5. The code should then assemble with no errors
  6. From the Assembler menu, select Program -> Run
  7. The code should then start in the emulator window