I’d mentioned to my colleagues at SureCloud about my retro computing hobby and, on several occasions, shared various stories with them. This has led to a couple of donations to the cause including this, a Spectrum 128K +2.

George Wilson, an ex-colleague, contacted me on Instagram mid-October 2021:

To which I replied:

I think he was glad it was going to go to a good home.

Anyway, I picked it up from Reading and managed to get it home, despite the best efforts of Cross Country Rail cancelling trains.

In addition to the Spectrum 128K +2, I did get the original power supply with it, along with a Spectrum 48K power supply. It also came with a Sinclair SJS-1 joystick, a Competition Pro, and a Ram Turbo joystick interface.

I was delighted when the unit not only fired up first time with all keys working, but also managed to load a game. Result!

Needless to say I made a contribution to The Centre for Computing History as promised,