• Download the latest Windows installer from the website (at time of writing it was ZEsarUX_windows-9.1.zip).
  • Extract the files to a convenient location on your hard-drive.
  • There is no installation – it just runs from this folder.
  • Click on the Application file zesarux within that folder.
  • It will start up with a command line screen, then open up the ZEsarUX emulator window.
    • The authors seem to put a fake error message at the bottom of the command line in Step 1 – this can be ignored if it says ‘just kidding’, or words to that effect.
  • You will probably get a Windows Firewall window first time you start – accept with defaults.
  • Clicking anywhere on the screen, or pressing F5, will bring up the Spectrum 128K style window.
  • This can be access from the PC using the mouse pointer.

Instructions for installing in MacOS / Linux

  1. ZEsarUX is supplied as a DMG package – open (mount) the package and drag the application file within into the Applications folder.